Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pattern-Follower vs Pattern-Digester


It is fun to have our pattern and share with other yarn-lovers.
But somehow, it is not that easy if you are a 'pattern-follower' and not a 'pattern-digester'.

What does it means? 
A 'pattern-follower's usually will only follow the patterns provided without knowing why or how did the designer makes this and that. Meanwhile, a 'pattern-digester' will learn why or how the pattern develops and eventually they can proceed to the pattern without relying 100% on the written pattern. In other word, the 'pattern-digester' can alter the original pattern to their need based on the technique. 

So, are you a 'pattern-follower' or a 'pattern-digester'?


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this post. I?

Pradeepa said...

I am a pattern digester. Only after digesting many patterns I have been able to create pattern myself. Nice post!