Saturday, August 20, 2011

another order. :)


This time, these orders are made by Aza Adam. <3

Below is some of the orders' pict.

All of double-layered flowers. Lovely! :)

Red. Layered with white and pink.

Orange. Layered with yellow.

Dark purple. Layered with light purple.

Light pink. Layered with dark pink.

Dark blue. Layered with white. These are my fav!

Free gift. :D

Have fun!

Ym: yat_comei8
Phone: +6017-6670194

Salams! ;)


Aza Afiq said...

sangat suke ;D
saya update kat my blog pasal nie

~PENCHENTA~ said...


Tenkiu! Suka jugak. :)